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Pavel & Katie at Liberty House Restaurant

Wedding at the Liberty House Restaurant for today’s blog. I think this wedding has been the closest start location from my house. As we started at the W Hotel in Hoboken. Where of course I’m from. But as well, it actually felt good to finally photograph a wedding at the Church I was baptized in, did Communion, the Catholic school I went to that is of course part of the Church I went to practically as a kid to young adolescent. But enough of the nostalgia, today is all about Pavel & Katie. Two very down to earth folks. I started out with Pavel and his brothers for a few photographs in the room and then outside of the hotel before heading to Katie’s room with the girls. All super nice and welcoming.

Before leaving the room, Katie’s Dad was in the room where we had a nice moment between the two. A first look of his little girl in her wedding dress. The look on his face is and will always be priceless……

After the ceremony we went on to the venue to continue the nights festivities… Here are a few from their day.

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