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Noé & Minervah at Dyker Beach Golf Course

What else can I say about Noè and Minervah. As soon as I walked in their respective getting ready rooms I felt at home. Especially when I arrived to the bridal suite where the bridesmaids were so helpful with everything to even offering us or rather ordering my assistant and I food. Like?  I’m the one that’s suppose to give you the service, right? Not bad right?

I can’t rave enough about the entire wedding party, family and friends and of course Noè and Minervah. They took direction well and listened to my advice even when we basically had no time after the ceremony where we literally had only 20min to do an entire one on one session on the grounds. One of the employees saw me looking  around for a location to shoot anything creative which I still was going to manage but he came out of no where and asked us to hop on the golf cart and gave Noè & Minervah their own cart to drive. He kinda saved the day and did not care if we were late for their intros….

I tell you if someone can move fast in wedding attire is these two… Kudos to them both. Once we got back to the venue they basically were introduced. I guess we all did our cardio for the day….. as sunset hit I saw an image in my head I wanted to do towards the near end of the night. The hard part in this is actually asking a bride to come out for another photo when they are in party ode and have been in heels all day. Yeah, tread lightly my friend. So what I did was the next best thing and ask one of her super helpful bridesmaid to ask her. Well you know, since she can basically kinda drag her out since she has way more credibility. Lucky for me and then I was able to make a nice capture of them both in the gazebo….

Here is a few from their day….

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