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Michael & Joanna at The Royal Manor-Day 3

Last day of their 3 day wedding weekend. This day felt a bit more subdued compared to the action from the day before. I did catch up on some sleep since the start time was a bit later and believe me, I’m very thankful for that, as I needed it. But we started out at the Hotel and Joanna mentioned to me that she did catch up on some much needed rest as it has been non stop for her. Once her getting ready portion was complete, she wanted to do a first look with the 3 most important men in her life. Her two brothers and Dad. I will admit that it was a powerful moment to document. When I photograph these parent first looks, I always think of the day Daddy held his little girl for the first time, or the first time he took her to school or the first time he see’s his little girl becoming a woman in whatever capacity she may show or a Dad will see. From seeing the emotion of her brothers, it tells me that they are extremely proud of their little sister and they to feel like a father figure to her. It’s a beautiful thing to see siblings show love to each other.  From a photographer’s standpoint to shoot these moments, I always believe a photographer should photograph these moments with empathy. I put myself in both of their shoes. Sometimes it can get emotional behind the viewfinder but I’m always honored to capture these personal moments.

I embrace it….. Here is a few from their day.

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