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Michael & Joanna at The Royal Manor-Day 2

I’ve done Hindu weddings before but to me it doesn’t get tiring doing this. In my opinion it is impossible to take a bad photograph of these weddings, as beautiful the entire ceremony, colors, outfits, attire or anything related to an Indian wedding. I did Joanna’s Die Rub the day before at her house and today was that actual ceremony, which is day 2. Joanna actually showed up with her yellow dress which looked absolutely gorgeous on her. I was actually disappointed when she said she was going to change because of amazing contrast of her skin color and the yellow dress. But to my surprise she looked even better with her official ceremony dress. The level of detail in this is second to none in my opinion.  She used the yellow dress for her pre-ceremony and went back upstairs to change while Michael was going to start the Baraat. All of this is just so fast paced. There is action at every single corner of your eye. Lots of drums, dancing and just overall constant joy.

This may be the or is the most photos I’ve posted on a blog. While editing I found myself constantly picking favorites and had to cut it down. After the ceremony we went to a park across the street for a few photos to finish out the session…. Enjoy

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