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Louie & Brittany’s Engagement Session

Engagement Session here with Louie & Brittany. Brittany actually met me at expo, set up a meeting and fortunately enough she liked my work. She’s also into photography so the good thing is that she knows what she likes and I’m flattered that she would consider me to photograph her wedding as it’s now a reality.

We met up at the 9/11 memorial area in Jersey City, NJ to start our shoot. The beginning of all engagement shoots start off a bit cold because most of the times you are still getting to know your client & folks can be shy. As we moved along the shoot these two just did fantastic. Both had fun and along the way I got to know them better.

Louie & Brittany actually met at a Devils, Rangers game, as Louie heckled Brittany and got on her nerves. I think it’s one of the few times a stranger could get on a woman’s nerves and then actually wind up marrying her… haha. Anyways, these two did very well in front of the camera and are slated to get married next year….

Here are a few from their day…

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