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Jude & Trish at The Valley Regency

We are at the Valley Regency today for Jude & Trish’s wedding. It feels good to have clients hire you of course but there is a sense of self accomplishment when you are hired by another one of your peers in the industry. Whether they do video, photo or anything related to the wedding industry. That’s what Jude is, a wedding videographer. So to say the least, you can imagine to have someone document your wedding, they must be very particular with a style or look. Fortunately enough I was that guy, so without words it should say that Jude thinks highly of my work. So I’m thankful for that.

 The day could of not been better for these two. Entire wedding party was extremely welcoming and helpful. Great pre-wedding photos, a first look between Dad & Daughter. Great moments, party and many photos that these two will receive. I’m glad my photobooth is still standing with as many photos they’ve taken.
Here are a few from their day…

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