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Ismael & Jessica at The Manor

Cold & Rainy day at The Manor for today’s wedding with Ismael & Jessica for their wedding. These two booked me way last year and couldn’t be more honored to work with these two. Amazing down to earth personalities they both have. Ismael has the most upbeat personality that actually gives me energy to create images. Jessica is the most calmest bride I can remember. As it totally rained the entire day and it did not affect her one bit. The main reason why Jessica was so calm & cool was because she already knew she did not want to go outside no matter what. lol. I think I worried more on the day of her wedding that she did, as I was trying to anticipate how am I going to do photos all indoors, with no good weather, or the small area’s the Manor has. I tried to get her outside but the closest I was able to get was to get all the girls near the doorway. One thing you do, is always listen to your bride when they do not want to go outside. haha. I utilized the umbrellas I had on hand to create a beautiful soft light on Jessica’s face. The Manor has been around for many many years and has a beautiful classic look. So we did a first look and near the stairwell and from there we went around the venue and took our photos inside. Anywhere I can think of to actually create a solid photo….

The wedding was a success of course but we actually came back to the Manor and made up their bride & groom session and that also was a success as we had some snow on the grounds. Here are a few from each of their days… 

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