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Carlos & Elizabeth at The Grand Wilshire Hotel

I know they say that April showers bring May flowers but this wasn’t the case for this May wedding here. It was raining so bad that I think this was the first time that I had to actually cover my equipment to transport it into my car. But as they say on Broadway the show must go on.

Carlos and Elizabeth have been waiting for this day for a very long time. They’ve been together close to 14 years. But during that time there have been a lot of ups and downs. Not necessarily downs with in the relationship but just adversity. Things that they cannot control. Which both of them are very grateful to even have this day happen.

Going into the wedding I did not even think that I was going to photograph outside at all because it was still raining hard upon my arrival. But during the time that we had planned to do our first look it stopped raining for a good hour. So we took advantage of doing a first look outside even though we were still limited that we couldn’t really  get on the wet grass (even though I still made them, haha) but as I’ve always mention the emotion of a first always beats any scenery anywhere. And this did not disappoint. Are usually have my groomsman walk up to their bride because I always felt like it’s very very gentlemanly to get your bride. But Carlos insisted that Elizabeth come up to her because he was just too emotional. So of course I respected his wishes. Still made for a great moment as well anyways.

After our first look, the rest of the day went smoothly as of course they moved the wedding indoors and the rest of the formalities of course continues to be indoors. Cute moment at the end where Carlos could not find the garter on Elizabeth during this portion of the wedding. But come to find out Elizabeth never put on her garter.

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